Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Creative Space

I have been dreaming about having my own yarn studio. It would have lots of cubbies for yarn, a big cork board for my drawings of new designs, and a large comfy chair in the corner. Well, I decided to make it happen.
The 4th bedroom in our house is this odd little space. It's really small -- probably a baby room originally. No one wants to buy our house because of this small room. So, I took it over. I kicked out the TV and its accessories and moved in all my yarn, my baskets, my spinning wheel, my fiber and a big comfy chair. I now have some creative space of my own!
I still need to find a cork board, a dress form and a big basket for ... yarn. =) But that's okay. I'll find those items some day soon.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Vermont Knitting Shop

I forgot how much I missed the mountains until we arrived in Vermont on Thursday night. The Green Mountains are spectacular. The air smells like pines and ferns mixed with pure mountain air. The result is this bewitching perfume that takes your breath away.

I must still have the Vermonter spirit (it's where I was born) because I could barely hold back my excitement as we crossed over Lake Champlain and entered Vermont. However, I think I lost my Vermonter blood because I was FREEZING the entire time we were in Vermont. On Saturday the high was 63 F! Can you believe it?

Our purpose in Vermont was to celebrate my Grandmother's life with a memorial service and family reunion. Before the gathering started I stole away to Essex Junction and visited a very nice knitting shop called, "Kaleidoscope Yarns." It was beautiful, well organized and very friendly! I bought two skeins of "The Shearer's Yarn" in a lovely turquoise color. I think it will soon turn into a shrug!

JK managed to get a hilarious photo of me! I was delighted to be in a yarn shop again -- can you tell? =)

On Holiday

This was the first vacation I have ever had where I got to laze about. It was so nice! JK and I had two favorite spots we would frequent every day -- the beach and the coffee shop. It was great!

Knitting on the beach

Reading at the coffee shop

JK at the coffee shop

Reading on the beach

We went to a fabulous farmer's market on Monday. It was a true farmer's market owing to the fact that the occasion for the market was a cow auction. They also had a great antique section and I enjoying browsing through it.

Crochet doilies for $1

The water -- something I can never get enough of.

4 o'clock tea -- enjoying a good knit

Enjoying the Fall 07 Interweave Knits before I fall asleep.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spinning Adventures

We are back! What a holiday we have had! In Michigan we had a wonderful, lazy time reading & knitting on the beach or reading & knitting at a coffee shop. In Vermont we were swept into a whirlwind of family and family gatherings, all of which was wonderful.

I had some really neat "fiber" encounters while on our trip. The first of which was spinning. When JK and I arrived at our B&B Saturday afternoon we sat on the back veranda and enjoyed a glass of lemonade with Nancy Powell, the owner of the house. Through a series of conversations she talked about the two Angora Goats she raised and loved several years ago. She told us hilarious stories about the goats head butting her car. But for the most part she talked about how lovely and loving they were. She said, "If you ever have a chance to raise two angora goats you should take the opportunity."

She doesn't have the angora goats anymore but she does have tons of mohair roving from them. Now this is an interesting fact I didn't know -- Angora goats "produce" mohair while Angora rabbits "produce" angora! Isn't that interesting!

Well, Nancy had tons of mohair roving, a beautiful Ashford spinning wheel she purchase for $125 and time but she didn't know how to spin!

So one morning after breakfast she got out her wheel and I taught her how to spin! We had so much fun together! As a gift and token of our wonderful morning she gave me a lovely ball of mohair which I plan to blend with Blueface Lester (sp?) and spin!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Going On Holiday

My lovely husband and I are off on holiday tomorrow! Oh, it's so exciting! We have put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to house projects this year so we have opted for a very slow vacation -- a visit to a B&B on the beach.

Amidst all the last-minute errands I ran today I made one last visit to Stitches & Scones to get a little more yarn. I have this terrible fear I am going to run out of projects. I go nuts when I don't have a project. I have bookmarked a yarn shop in Essex Junction, Vermont (a town we'll pass through towards the end of our holiday) just in case. But I hope I have brought enough!

The first project towards the front of the picture is a dress from the Spring/Summer Tahki Booklet. Next is the Lady of the Lake Jacket by Fleece Artist. This project looks fun but it's done on 10.5 needles so it will go fast! The brown tweed by Jamieson Yarns is my new skirt design for fall and last but not least is a little tea cozy I'm making from yarn I spun out of Fleece Artist Merino Slivers! Oh -- yes, I can't forget to mention the new Interweave mag -- I can't wait to have a good browse!

So all of that packs up into my basket in the background and hopefully....I won't run out of projects!

I'll see you all in two weeks!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yes, I know, I am pathetic. I get home from work, rush to get the dog out, make tea and... sit down and knit. You would think that after 6 hours in a knitting shop I would be ready to do something else. But what else is there to do =)

I thought I would let you all know of a GREAT blog. www.maud.prettyposies.com is a beautiful knitting blog. Maud lives in the south of Finland and is a terrific knitter. It is fun to read a blog written by a knitter in a different part of the world.

Has anyone seen the new Rowan Magazine? I'm beginning to hear rumors that it is fabulous. Today at the shop someone called to see if we have it in yet and then when I came home and checked "the knitting blogs" I noticed that there is a lot of "talk" about it. I guess some early copies got out. Oh -- the anticipation seems almost too great to bear! It is almost as if we should have a Rowan Magazine Fall 2007 party when it does arrive!

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Autumn in Progress

Here is the sweater I've been working on from the skirt disaster yarn! I'm using Lopi but knitting it on #9 needles. Therefore the result is a spongy airy knit rather than a tight scratchy one. I'm quite pleased.

As you can tell I am just to the bottom of the sweater but have not added the sleeves yet. And it is not blocked! =)
I am going to work this sweater up one more time before I have the pattern ready for the fall. Stay tuned for details....=)

The Best Pot Ever

I received this lovely teapot from the Koons this past Saturday for helping with the wedding flowers. I don't think I can praise its attributes enough. JK and I drink mainly Assam Indian tea -- loose leaf of course. We are accustom to just placing the leaves in the pot and then straining the steaming tea as we pour it into our cups. This little pot has a built in strainer! It is total bliss. Also, the handle does not get too hot to hold when the teapot is placed under a tea cozy! Another blissful factor!

My knitting is always accompanied by pots of tea so this was my tea tray this afternoon when I sat down to have a bit of a knit!

Thank you Koons! You are so thoughtful!

Monday, August 6, 2007


This past weekend I took a mandated rest from my beloved needles. Mom, Emily and I with the help of Christine and Carla Glasheen worked on wedding flowers for a friend.
The weekend did have some hilarious moments -- for instance the florist tried to deliver the flowers to my house on Thursday rather than Friday morning. Well, I was at work on Thursday. The flowers didn't appear to suffer much even though they were needlessly out and about on Thursday. When Emily realized she had a class on Friday morning and couldn't arrive until 11:30 and Mom couldn't get off from her job until 12:30 we really thought the world we caving in on us... but we did it and we had a ton of fun during the process!
Emily and I worked together to figure out the bridesmaids' bouquets.

The result....

Working on the bride's bouquet....