Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Creative Space

I have been dreaming about having my own yarn studio. It would have lots of cubbies for yarn, a big cork board for my drawings of new designs, and a large comfy chair in the corner. Well, I decided to make it happen.
The 4th bedroom in our house is this odd little space. It's really small -- probably a baby room originally. No one wants to buy our house because of this small room. So, I took it over. I kicked out the TV and its accessories and moved in all my yarn, my baskets, my spinning wheel, my fiber and a big comfy chair. I now have some creative space of my own!
I still need to find a cork board, a dress form and a big basket for ... yarn. =) But that's okay. I'll find those items some day soon.

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Anonymous said...

I love your use of a small, odd room! An idea depending on you available space left & amount of yarns you keep.... I took an old TV cabinet that a friend was about to throw away. It's amoire sized, added some shelves where the TV would go, and 6 large baskets for yarns! The top section for vcr's and what-not is my wool space or odd ball yarns. Now I can keep my yarns in the living room with me! Happy knitting!

-just another yarn lover