Friday, August 10, 2007

Going On Holiday

My lovely husband and I are off on holiday tomorrow! Oh, it's so exciting! We have put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to house projects this year so we have opted for a very slow vacation -- a visit to a B&B on the beach.

Amidst all the last-minute errands I ran today I made one last visit to Stitches & Scones to get a little more yarn. I have this terrible fear I am going to run out of projects. I go nuts when I don't have a project. I have bookmarked a yarn shop in Essex Junction, Vermont (a town we'll pass through towards the end of our holiday) just in case. But I hope I have brought enough!

The first project towards the front of the picture is a dress from the Spring/Summer Tahki Booklet. Next is the Lady of the Lake Jacket by Fleece Artist. This project looks fun but it's done on 10.5 needles so it will go fast! The brown tweed by Jamieson Yarns is my new skirt design for fall and last but not least is a little tea cozy I'm making from yarn I spun out of Fleece Artist Merino Slivers! Oh -- yes, I can't forget to mention the new Interweave mag -- I can't wait to have a good browse!

So all of that packs up into my basket in the background and hopefully....I won't run out of projects!

I'll see you all in two weeks!

Happy Knitting!

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tonia said...

Christina- I can't wait to see your finished goodies. I hope your trip was relaxing and fun!!