Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yes, I know, I am pathetic. I get home from work, rush to get the dog out, make tea and... sit down and knit. You would think that after 6 hours in a knitting shop I would be ready to do something else. But what else is there to do =)

I thought I would let you all know of a GREAT blog. is a beautiful knitting blog. Maud lives in the south of Finland and is a terrific knitter. It is fun to read a blog written by a knitter in a different part of the world.

Has anyone seen the new Rowan Magazine? I'm beginning to hear rumors that it is fabulous. Today at the shop someone called to see if we have it in yet and then when I came home and checked "the knitting blogs" I noticed that there is a lot of "talk" about it. I guess some early copies got out. Oh -- the anticipation seems almost too great to bear! It is almost as if we should have a Rowan Magazine Fall 2007 party when it does arrive!

Happy Knitting Everyone!

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