Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spinning Adventures

We are back! What a holiday we have had! In Michigan we had a wonderful, lazy time reading & knitting on the beach or reading & knitting at a coffee shop. In Vermont we were swept into a whirlwind of family and family gatherings, all of which was wonderful.

I had some really neat "fiber" encounters while on our trip. The first of which was spinning. When JK and I arrived at our B&B Saturday afternoon we sat on the back veranda and enjoyed a glass of lemonade with Nancy Powell, the owner of the house. Through a series of conversations she talked about the two Angora Goats she raised and loved several years ago. She told us hilarious stories about the goats head butting her car. But for the most part she talked about how lovely and loving they were. She said, "If you ever have a chance to raise two angora goats you should take the opportunity."

She doesn't have the angora goats anymore but she does have tons of mohair roving from them. Now this is an interesting fact I didn't know -- Angora goats "produce" mohair while Angora rabbits "produce" angora! Isn't that interesting!

Well, Nancy had tons of mohair roving, a beautiful Ashford spinning wheel she purchase for $125 and time but she didn't know how to spin!

So one morning after breakfast she got out her wheel and I taught her how to spin! We had so much fun together! As a gift and token of our wonderful morning she gave me a lovely ball of mohair which I plan to blend with Blueface Lester (sp?) and spin!

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