Friday, August 24, 2007

A Vermont Knitting Shop

I forgot how much I missed the mountains until we arrived in Vermont on Thursday night. The Green Mountains are spectacular. The air smells like pines and ferns mixed with pure mountain air. The result is this bewitching perfume that takes your breath away.

I must still have the Vermonter spirit (it's where I was born) because I could barely hold back my excitement as we crossed over Lake Champlain and entered Vermont. However, I think I lost my Vermonter blood because I was FREEZING the entire time we were in Vermont. On Saturday the high was 63 F! Can you believe it?

Our purpose in Vermont was to celebrate my Grandmother's life with a memorial service and family reunion. Before the gathering started I stole away to Essex Junction and visited a very nice knitting shop called, "Kaleidoscope Yarns." It was beautiful, well organized and very friendly! I bought two skeins of "The Shearer's Yarn" in a lovely turquoise color. I think it will soon turn into a shrug!

JK managed to get a hilarious photo of me! I was delighted to be in a yarn shop again -- can you tell? =)


Heather L. said...

So much fun!!!! Love your pictures! Wish you could bring back some of that lovely Vermont air! :)

suburban prep said...

I like the website and have ordered from there. Must have been like a kid at a candy store.