Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Patterns Completed!

I am so happy -- I finally finished my two new patterns for fall. A lot of work goes into formulating the pattern -- a lot of math and knitting. Even though I adore designing it is nice to complete a design project!

Cozy Cable Jacket: I designed this top-down jacket with the idea of interesting those who have never attempted a cable before. The cables in this sweater are very easy and great for beginners. I through in the belt to add a modern twist -- belted things are so in right now!

Lady Brown Skirt: The Lady Brown Skirt is delightful to knit -- it is very simple. The cables in are very simple -- just a step up from the Cozy Cable Jacket. The shaping comes mainly from the belt and the cables at the bottom! It is a breeze to knit and fun to wear!
Both patterns are available for purchase at Stitches & Scones.


Heather said...

Your new patterns are great!!! I love the color of the sweater. Maybe I need to start learning cables by making one. :) I'll call tomorrow about some yarn -- I may need to change my order.

Emily said... I have to buy your pattern? hahah!!! (you can knit me one for Christmas!!) lol ;) love ya!