Friday, September 21, 2007

Note to Self: I need a sock project

Okay -- I am so dumb. I don't have a small sock project I can stuff in my purse. Most places I go I can bring my knitting bag and sit and knit but this morning I couldn't.

This morning I escorted my husband downtown to watch him host a healthcare panel. I didn't want to take up space at the breakfast so I sat in the lounge of the Marriot Hotel and sipped a coffee until it was time to go up and listen to the panel discussion. For 45 minutes I sat still, sipped coffee and read the newspaper! I NEVER do that. I always have some sort of knitting in my hands when I sit down. Perhaps I am crazy and I should sit still more often without something in my hands to do, but I tell you, I felt so strange without my knitting.

So, this week, it is on my to do list -- I am getting a sock project to stuff into my purse so that I never have to sit still like that again! Yikes!

Sock knitters -- any suggestions on a pattern and favorite sock yarn?

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Heather said...

i don't know why it takes my browser about 8 hours to register your blog as updated! That is annoying. I guess it is faster to call you. :)
Maybe it is good practice to just relax and read the newspaper. :)
Love you!