Monday, September 17, 2007


JK is out at his classes and I am home spinning tonight with E.M. Forster's "A Room With A View" crooning on for entertainment. I am working away on the mohair I was given on holiday. It actually is coming along quite nicely when it is blended with some Blue Faced Leicester.

On a knitting note: I have been so jealous and eager to procure some Kauni yarn for myself and make one of those fantastic sweaters. I have scoured the net and finally found a shop in NYC that has it and one in Canada so at least the shipping and custom charges won't be exorbitant. But still.... we definitely need it here in Indiana -- after all, it's the rage right now!

Back to spinning!

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Carla said...

What fun it was to read your blog! How do you and Heather make every day things look so extraordinary?

I never realized how little I know about knitting. I guess gone are the days when one could pop into Walmart and pick up a roll of yarn and knit & purl a sweater. "Yarn" was only one type -- no decisions. Keep up the beautiful work!