Saturday, October 6, 2007


Delia is finished and has actually been worn this week despite the hot weather. I knitted Delia out of one ball of Fleece Artist Silk & Merino. The bit of silk gives it a nice sheen as well as drape. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I thought this would be just a sweater for me but several friends (Kelly & Tonia -- you're responsible) have asked me to make Delia into a pattern as well. So... stay tuned, I might just have this pattern for sale soon as well!

Oh -- I got a mannequin! I am so excited. I no longer have to be the model nor do I have to just hang up my sweaters and take a picture! I have a real mannequin! I have been searching Craig's List for a dress form for a long time and each time one came up it just seemed to slip through my grasp. Well, yesterday I noticed a lady selling three and they were priced at $25 each! That was the best price I had ever seen so I quickly emailed the lady. Even at that rate someone had already purchased one of them.

I drove down to pick up my purchase this morning. The lady lived in Fountain Square in a really cute loft apartment. It was like walking into a movie set for an artist living in NYC -- it was so cool. She used to have a vintage clothing shop but had closed it -- perhaps to focus more on her art, I don't know. But therefore she was getting rid of her mannequins! Sweet happiness for me!

Now I have to name my mannequin. Any suggestions?


Heather said...

So happy about the mannequin. You definately need to market that pattern!

em said...

You didn't tell me you got a mannequin!!! How cool is that. Can we dress it up for halloween?? (lol...don't you love my ideas?)

So I have a name suggestion: Delilah! To me is sounds like a daisy. But's also a song, "Hey There Delilah." Let me know what you think