Saturday, October 6, 2007

Exercise Science

I love taking long brisk walks outside. I hate exercising inside. I just do. I feel like a hamster in a exercise ball. But... sometimes it is necessary.

Well, in my Design I class my students have told me their wonder stories about how they exercise and knit as well as drive and knit.

I decided to try to exercise and knit but not drive and knit. So, here is my exercise shawl. I have been knitting it as I exercise on my walking machine and it works out quite well. I get to listen to the radio and knit! I actually exercise a lot longer than when I didn't knit!


Heather said...

Do they REALLY drive and knit? That's horrible!!!!

em said...

OH, I've seen it!!! I've actually been in cars with knitting drivers!!! But I guess I'm one to talk...I used to paint my nails while driving! (hah!)