Friday, October 19, 2007

Little Bits

The last two weeks have been horribly busy. The Dear Handsome Husband and I have been painting the cedar siding on our house. I am still plucking splinters out of my hands.

But I have been knitting. I actually finished a Cozy Cable Jacket of my own, (which I'll put on a post sometime later) 2 pairs of fingerless gloves out of Boku and half of a pair of Fetching. (This accounting is for those of you who have been following Knitting Daily's UFO poll. Also, I only have two projects on needles at this moment! Yikes, something is wrong with me!)

I made my first pair of fingerless gloves out of Boku and gave them to my sister. Then I discovered I could squeeze out another glove from my lone skein and found yet another half skein of Boku in my stash -- oh, that marvelous stash. This is my dog-walking pair of fingerless gloves.

But I knew I needed a nice pair. That is when Joanne came into the shop! She told me all about Fetching and its popularity right now. It is an archieved pattern on Knitty and only requires one skein of DB Cashsoft! Both Joanne and I decided to knit a pair of Fetching in Revue -- I opted for the black version -- I thought it would be very "fancy."

I hope your pair is going well Joanne!

Happy knitting everyone!

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Heather said...

I'm afraid I don't understand half the lingo -- but I'm glad you do! :) Happy knitting. I managed two rows this week -- progress comes in little stages. :)