Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knitting For Christmas

With Thanksgiving behind me and Christmas yet to look forward to I think it finally hit me -- I have to get knitting for Christmas!

I love to give something that I made. A handmade gift seems to have more quality and character than something you picked up at a store. Granted the quality of these handmade gifts have varied depending on my age and skill level.

When I was really little and had first learned how to crochet I got on a "crochet-slipper kick" and all my presents that year were crochet slippers. They were abominable. My poor mother must have died laughing in some closet after I gave her a pair.

Then came the knitted vest phase. I was about 16 and I thought vests were so cool. My mother seemed to like the one I made for her so I made my sisters vests too. My oldest sister just came across the one I made for her and with my hearty permission she is planning on felting it and making it into something else!

Now, I rarely make the same gift for everyone. I would rattle them off but... they need to be kept a secret until Christmas!

Happy Christmas Knitting everyone!

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Heather L. said...

I highly doubt that mom was laughing! And, I really did love that blue vest and wore it for years! I still like it, but I haven't seen you wearing many vests, so I'm not sure it is in.