Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr. Bobs

Bobby is my little dog who keeps me company in my studio. I just had to post this picture of him looking out the window. After a half an hour of staring out the window he'll finally curl up on this stool and fall asleep. Notice the vent -- he has it all, a view, a soft cushion and heat!

Knitting For Christmas

With Thanksgiving behind me and Christmas yet to look forward to I think it finally hit me -- I have to get knitting for Christmas!

I love to give something that I made. A handmade gift seems to have more quality and character than something you picked up at a store. Granted the quality of these handmade gifts have varied depending on my age and skill level.

When I was really little and had first learned how to crochet I got on a "crochet-slipper kick" and all my presents that year were crochet slippers. They were abominable. My poor mother must have died laughing in some closet after I gave her a pair.

Then came the knitted vest phase. I was about 16 and I thought vests were so cool. My mother seemed to like the one I made for her so I made my sisters vests too. My oldest sister just came across the one I made for her and with my hearty permission she is planning on felting it and making it into something else!

Now, I rarely make the same gift for everyone. I would rattle them off but... they need to be kept a secret until Christmas!

Happy Christmas Knitting everyone!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving day started early in our household. My sister Emily and our dear friend and "sister" Christine spent the night so that we could spend the morning cooking together.
After making our traditional trip to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee and wish our local baristas "Happy Thanksgiving" we started into the awesome task of cooking the feast.

Christine happens to be the best "grill girl" you will ever find. She smoked two scrumptious turkey breast for us this year. Last year we only did one breast and vowed we would do two. This year we did two and vowed we would do three... it is just that good!

We had some sweet little Indians join us for our Thanksgiving feast. Here is Indian Andrew helping me at the stove.

The feast....

The feasters.... (I know it's not really a word but...)

And the little Indians...

Thank you so much Em and Christine! You two were amazing in the kitchen!
Now... back to knitting! =)

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I love swatching. I used to hate it. However, once I understood its importance, how it guides and is the framework for any new design, I have come to adore it. It's like an artist sketching the first few bits of what will soon become a masterpiece.

Since the chill of winter has entered my little universe and has begun to freeze me to the very core (I tend to get unreasonably cold), I have started working on a colorwork sweater. A colorwork sweater really is a double-layered sweater, there is the top layer, which you see, and the back layer, all those lovely little strands carried behind.

One little tid bit knitters sometimes don't fully understand, all those lovely little strands behind your work will eventually meld and felt together to form that second layer. This is why stranding, rather than tucking the little bits in as you go, is still the preferred way.

I am making my colorwork sweater out of alpaca. Why? I love the feel of alpaca and it is warmer than wool. Yes, it is less durable than wool, but at this stage in my life I am so miserable being cold I have opted for the warmer version. Wool will indeed felt better in the stranding layer but, alas, again, the warmer version has one out.

Happy Knitting!