Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas at My In-Laws

This year JK and I spent Christmas Day at his parents' house.

As usual Mom Wall had 'decked the halls' of their glorious old house.

The silver was gleaming...

The stockings were hung by the fireplace....

...and beautiful wreaths adorned the doors.

Tomorrow I have the privileged of hosting my family for Christmas/New Year's
So...I'm off to do a little more "decking of the halls".

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Little Christmas Woolies

Little Christmas Woolly Cowl

This Christmas I wanted to design something for all of you who have supported and encouraged me in my designing endeavors this past year.

You can download the pattern free off of my Ravelry Store. For those of you who aren't part of Ravelry I'll try to come up with another download site soon...

Little Finger Woolies

Little Leg Woolies

I love the Little Leg Woolies. In fact I'm wearing a pair right now. They keep your ankles and legs warm thus keeping your feet warm. I hate cold feet.

Enjoy the pattern! And thanks again, everyone, for being so supportive and wonderful!

Happy Knitting & Merry Christmas!

Non Christmas Knitting

I am finally nearing the end of all my Christmas knitting. I can feel the waves of relief already reaching my anxious little mind.

However, since I still can't reveal secrets... here is a peak at something a finished and then another peak at something I can't wait to start.

Above is a little 6-9 month baby vest I designed on commission for Kelly. She needed a baby gift to give ASAP so away I went to the drawing board. I was supposed to come up with some sort of a vest because the baby's father always wears vests. Isn't it adorable?

Then.... I stole some time to work up the measurements for a sweater for .... ME! So, I sat down with a cup of tea and some of my delicious homespun Shetland wool and ... cast on a lovely sweater.

Happy Knitting Everyone

Finally A Designer...

Many of you know my wonderful news already. However, I realized I never publicly stated it - my pattern "Georgette," was purchased by Alpaca With A Twist this past fall. Yep... one of those steps to actually being a designer.

I have really enjoyed working with Alpaca With a Twist. They are a wonderful yarn company, dealing only with Alpaca and Baby Alpaca fiber. Ugh! Their yarn is to die for -- it is so soft and luxurious.

And... I'm working with them on another pattern for one of their new yarns. But "mum's the word," for right now!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Keep Knitting...

Well, another lace shawl has been completed! Hooray! But I can't show it off until after Christmas.

And since I can't show pictures of Christmas presents until after Christmas I thought I would just show a bit of a blob of it.....

I had been waiting eagerly for Knit1 to hit our shop. I had seen all the "previews" for this issue so I couldn't wait until I actually got one.

I was extremely pleased with it. The magazine has brief profiles of our favorite knitting bloggers as well as original designs by them. Yes! You actually get to see the face of Brooklyn Tweed in this magazine. I loved reading a little more about Ysolda and Glampyre. It is one of those "must have" mags!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Quick Knitting

In the midst of all this Christmas knitting I got the urge to knit something RED for myself.

I had been doing so many patterns and working with so many numbers that I just needed a break. So, I dyed some yarn in the crock pot and cast on.

The result is a little, lacy, cropped vest. I wish it was a little longer but -- well, I only had two skeins in the house to dye.
Back to Christmas knitting. I have one more to go..... it's a big one though.

Nutkin Socks

Life has been too busy, thus I have not been able to post for quite a while. So sorry.

But I have been knitting. Most of the projects that I have finished recently have been Christmas presents. Therefore I cannot talk about them or show pics of them until after Christmas. Ugh, I know, it's frustrating. But that's the way it goes.

I have finished my Nutkin socks knitted out of Flat Feet. I really enjoyed working with Flat Feet. It was so unusual to unravel knitting as you knitted a sock. I also love the Nutkin pattern because it is so easy to memorize. But I suppose I have said that before....

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Preparing the Feast

Well, I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year (big sigh of relief). Even so, there was a lot to prepare and bring.

Emily, Uncle Bill and I met up for a marathon shopping trip and then a marathon cook out in my kitchen on Wednesday.
Emily worked tirelessly away at a fancy Martha Stewart 'Ya-wonder-it-works' cake. You know the type. You spend $20 - $40 bucks on the ingredients, then you slave away on the various parts. If it turns out -- you feel great. If it flops -- you die because you spent so much on the ingredients.

Uncle Bill made two absolutely fabulous cranberry relishes. The first one was a fabulous creamy confection the lady on NPR always talks about (what's the name?). The second one was his own creation with cranberries, orange, ginger and a little bit of sugar. I tell you, they both are smashing!
I worked on Corn Bread Sausage Stuffing, a Honey Pecan Chocolate Tart and a Blue Cheese, Pecan & Bacon cheese spread that goes on Endives.

We were absolutely drained at the end. Uncle Bill sat down with a glass of port, Em made herself a rum & coke and I (due to my chronic headaches) went for a virgin cup of tea. Nothing like a good cuppa.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Emma Jacket

You asked for it, you now can have it. I have finally finished and printed (or for those of you far away, posted online) The Emma Jacket.

I have two versions in the pattern, a cropped version and an hip-length version. You can also make the flared sleeves 3/4 length or short (elbow length). There is a lot of versatility to this pattern.

I have three of these now and I wear them ALL the time. This little jacket really completes an outfit. I fully intend to make more for myself.

You can see all the specs here.

You can buy the pattern online through Ravelry or at Stitches & Scones. If you are local I would encourage you to support our wonderful LYS and buy the pattern from Stitches & Scones. Besides, you can use your 10% off bag discount at the shop!

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Knitting Away....

Yes, I do knit during any spare moment. Why? I have a lot of Christmas presents to get done.

JK took this picture of me while I was waiting for him to get ready to run errands with me two Saturdays ago.

I know, I look funny. But, at least I use my time wisely!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mr. Rabbit's Dinner Party

My mom and dad had the whole family over for Sunday Dinner yesterday. It was fun to be all together at mom's house again.

As usual, mom was really creative in her table decorations and yummy food. The theme was, "Mr. Rabbit's Dinner Party." Mr. Rabbit had a prominent place on the buffet table, close to the steaming pot of stew.
We all still fit at the table -- well, the adults do. The little ones had their own special tables close by.
JK and I miraculously arrived before anyone -- we're usually late -- so we snuck a pre-dinner cup of tea and I worked on my knitting. I have been swamped with Christmas knitting, sample knitting and finishing work.
Right before dinner, my sister Heather gathered her kids (and husband) for a Christmas picture.
Aren't they sweet?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Happy Knitting and good luck on any Christmas knitting!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The 2008 Vote

So, my big plan was: get up early and be in line to vote by 6 AM. I mean, how many people will be there that early?

As soon as JK and I pulled out of our neighborhood and saw the cars lined up on Lafayette Road by the fire station, I knew I was wrong. It wasn't even 6 AM and there was a line out the door and into the parking lot.

"Thank goodness we don't vote there." I said. Ha! I wish. We drove up to our polling station and our jaws dropped. The line was out the door, down the side walk and AROUND the building. JK and I guessed (conservatively) that there were 200 people in line. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I have never seen anything like it.

It took us an hour to vote. While we were in line we laughed with another couple about the hilarious episodes of Saturday Night Live that they reran last night -- did anyone else watch it? I thought it was great for relieving all the tension and intensity that has build up in the last two years.

Once we voted, JK and I drove to our local Starbucks with our "I vote, I count" stickers and received free tall coffees. I noticed with amusement that the Christmas cups were out. It just seem to add to the festive air of the day!

So, lesson of the day: Vote. If you don't you'll always regret it. Bring your knitting -- you'll need it. A sock is the perfect thing to work on in line. I didn't bring mine because I didn't want to embarass my husband. And last but not least, go get your free Starbucks coffee after you vote!

Cheers! Happy Voting!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dye Day

There is so much to blog about, and as usual, not enough time to blog. But I do want to share a few pictures of this past Saturday.

Lin and I marked out a "Dye Day" on our calendars way back in July. Lin busied herself by spinning up a bunch of Shetland roving to dye and I... well, I was lazy and just bought two skeins of sock yarn to dye.
Lin wanted to dye her yarn the color of denim jeans. We mixed some blue and black together and tested it until we came up with what we thought was the correct color. When it came out of the pot we were happy, it was the correct color!

While we waited for the Shetland to "cook" we dyed some sock yarn. Above is Lin's sock yarn and below is mine.
Now, all I want to do is wind it up and knit it! Ugh... I have to wait. I have a pair of socks on my needles, besides several sweaters and secret projects!

But, it is something to look forward too. Perhaps around Christmas time I'll cast on a sock with my new sock yarn!

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fetching In Rowan Felted Tweed

Last year I made myself a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves with a yarn close to the suggested yarn -- soft and round, good for cable definition.

Well, I didn't think the yarn was warm enough or wore well. Soo... the tattered pair is in the bottom of my hat basket and I made a new pair out of Rowan Felted Tweed. Oh, my. I love the results. NOTE: I used it double stranded.

The mitts are warm & sturdy, yet soft. They are perfect for a fall afternoon a stroll to Starbucks. Maybe I need to take a stroll this afternoon!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Patterns for Sale On Ravelry

I'm finally figuring out how to sell my patterns on line. It has taken me long enough. I'm so sorry for the delay. So far I have two patterns on Ravelry for sale! There are more to come! Thanks for being patient with me!

My New Office

Life is slowly getting put back together. It is amazing how dreadful a computer crashing can be.
However, it has enabled me --believe it or not --to reorganize my "knitting" space.

I have finally combined my office and my knitting room into one space. Granted, the only space for it was down in the basement. But, it is a "room of my own," and I love it.

I was able to organize my knitting books and folders. I found that I don't have that many knitting books. I have a few on my list for Christmas...

I finally have the space for an idea board. I LOVE it. Now when ideas for sweaters come popping into my head I can sketch them out and gaze at them for a while and tweak them. SOOOO happy!

My stash shelf isn't perfected yet. My goal is to change the ugly boxes into uniform nice boxes. But the ugly boxes were cheaper for right now. =)

Happy Knitting!


The changing leaves seem to catch me by surprise this year. Things go by too fast.

I love the color combinations. Isn't it inspiring? It really makes me want to design a Fair Isle Sweater.

What would I go with? The color combinations above or below?

It's a hard choice because they are all so beautiful!

Don't forget to stop and enjoy the beauty!
It will be gone before you know it!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 6, 2008


It is fall. The autumnal bloom is gilding the leaves and and the apples in the field. It is the time of year I usually feel the most creative.... and I do. But for some reason I also feel extremely busy. Such is life.

In the midst of the hubub and hurry here are a few things that have been inspiring to me...

A day with a designer - check out Celtic Memory Yarn's day with Elizabeth Lavold! Her pics are soooo inspiring!

The Snuggery Cardigan by Anthropologie - doesn't it just excite you -- all those sideways cables?

The glow of autumnal colors in my mom's paintings -- aren't they to die for?

Zebra Knits newest Demi sweater has me obsessed. I am determined to find the time to make my own -- with a few modifications. Soo... I have Rowan's "Vintage Knits" coming to me in the make.

May you find your inspiration too!
Happy Knitting

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I have fallen in love with a new sock pattern. Nutkin - oh, I even love the name. Do you remember the stories of Squirrel Nutkin? For some reason everything about this pattern and the name of the pattern evokes fall.

It is a free pattern on the web -- don't you love those -- and is a mock-cable design. I love it because it is so exquisitely easy but looks hard! They are designed for top-down knitting (most socks are knitted this way) but I love toe-up socks. So, I just did my normal toe-up formula and threw in the mock-cable pattern from Nutkin.

Yarn - Flat Feet
Needles - #0 for toes & #1 for main part of sock. This is a little trick of mine for toe-up socks. Because I am looser knitting back and forth when I do my wrap and turns, I go down a needle size. When I knit in the round, I am tighter - thus I go to the suggested needle size!

Happy Knitting! Enjoy the pattern!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

South Haven

We are back from our week in South Haven. It was lovely and very restful. Our main activities were:
Reading, knitting & sipping coffee at local coffee shops

Reading, knitting & sipping water on the beach...

Visiting knitting shops....

...and visiting book shops!

But I'm back and I have several new patterns... stay tuned!