Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kauni Changes

I dislike the word "frogged". I don't know why. Perhaps it is becuase it doesn't really make sense to me. Techincally, the first version of my Kauni sweater is "frogged" but I would rather say, "I've given it the sack." Yep, I've sacked Kauni 1.

I fell prey to creating a sweater (granted with my own design) according to how everyone else is using the yarn. I didn't listen to the yarn itself to see what it wanted to do. Yes, yarn talks. Always listen to your yarn -- it saves you from many headaches.

I have been surprised by the lightness of Kauni yarn as well as it's fullness. What do I mean? Well, it blocks really well, yet isn't too heavy for lacy or too light for anything with a little structure to it.

Thus I have turned my Kauni into a lacey cardigan. I am quite pleased with it now. I love how the yarn blossoms and blocks when you steam it. Although I haven't fully drenched it yet. I have heard reports of it smelling quite "sheepy."

Happy Knitting!


Heather L. said...

both are pretty! I felted some balls today! My what work -- worse than cookies.

Anonymous said...

hi I like your yarn that looks like one color out side but other colors inside.I hope you are doing well.What are you knitting?
love you. Rachel.