Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shetland Spring

Pattern: "Shetland Spring" (my own design -- not for sale)
Yarn: Louet Shetland Roving (which I spun into 2 ply worsted) 1 1/2 lb
Knit 1 Crochet 2, Paint Box "Alpine", 4 Skeins.

Sleeve decreases

For some reason I seem to have the "cold curse." I am always frozen and chilled to the bone despite the vast numbers of layers I wear.

However, I wore this sweater on Thursday when the temperatures here in Indiana had really dropped and I was surprised by how warm I stayed. It is even warmer than my other color stranded sweaters.

I suppose handspun is warmer than comercial yarn? I don't know. But I am finding myself actually drooling for some more Shetland roving. I have tried to get in touch with one farm here in Indiana that raises Shetland sheep but so far they haven't returned any of my inquires. So the hunt continues...

Happy Knitting!

Bottom hem


Emily said...

That's really beautiful!!! : ) Will you wear it sometime?

Alaina said...

Beautiful! I love it!