Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Listening to audio books is a mainstay of my life as a knitter. I am constantly reading, ordering more audio books from the library and researching more books to read. I have learned a lot by reading as I knit. I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have audio books available.

When I was younger and the library didn't have such a large selection of audio books, I rigged up my desk with some large clips so that I could hold my books open to read while I knitted. I think that really helped me to knit by feeling different stitches rather than looking at the different stitches. Even so, I am so glad there is a larger selection of audio books now!

In light of my love for books I thought it would be appropriate to add a list of books I have just read and books I am currently reading. I would love to hear suggestions of your favorite books!

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

I've greatly enjoyed the narration of the Mrs. Pollifax books and some of the books written by Alexander McCall Smith (especially the ones set in Scotland). I've listened to many, many books on tape as well, while knitting, housecleaning, cooking, etc. I love being able to occupy my mind while doing some of the more mindless or mundane tasks ;).

And I've also been dabbling in dyeing yarn of late, though I've only done Kool-Aid colors - which can still be quite varied and beautiful :).

Deb Coatney

Christina said...

Thanks, Deb, for the suggestions! I have read McCall-Smith's Africa series -- which I adored -- and his Scotland series. He's such a great writer. I'll check into Mrs. Pollifax!

Yep! Kool-aid dying got me started in dying. The new acid dyes are really easy too!