Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, I've been at it again. This time I set up my "dying studio" in the third bay of our three car garage. I think I prefer that to getting out all the plastic to cover the kitchen counters. With all the plastic and tape I still worried that I was going to do some kind of colorful damage.

Today I handpainted 8 oz of skeined yarn and 8 oz of fiber. Another 8 oz of skeined yarn when into the crock pot. I splashed in some hot pink and brown and the result is to dye for.

Simmering in the crock pot

Here is most of it hanging out to dry. I currently have another 8 oz in the crock pot. I'm experimenting with balling up the yarn and then cooking the balls in the dye.

I check the fiber before I came up to my office just to see if it was dry enough to spin yet. Yes, it is intoxicating and I can't wait to spin some of this up as well as knit with the yarn.

If you have been wondering what the "Handpainted Yarn Workshop" will be like, this is a little taste of it! We're going to have fun!

Happy Knitting, Spinning or Dying!

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Heather L. said...

Wow -- totally cool! I just had no idea what the hand-painted really meant -- now I know! Well, while you were dying I was thrifting -- but I only came up with 4 mediocre sweaters, well, one of them is quite good, and might make a purse (yellow). We'll see! Also a few finds to make Rachel some dresses (from pajama pants -- wait till you see this!!!)!