Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Great Birthday Present

My sister gave me a really neat birthday present today! I had been complaining about the lack of double point options to her and lamenting that the few options out there aren't pretty. Well, just look what she came up with!

It is a beautiful felted double point case that keeps your double points securely in one place. Because they are all lined up in a row you can easily see what size you need and where it is. Before I had them all in a zip bag and had to hunt through the whole lot several times to find the sizes.

Now that I have fallen in love with knitting socks this present is even more meaningful. My sock needles are all in one place! Hooray!

She is going to sell them in her Esty store. If you are interested in purchasing one you can check her blog for her shop updates! http://www.blackberryrambles.blogspot.com/

Happy Knitting!

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