Saturday, April 5, 2008

Greencastle Fiber Event

Well, are you going? That is the big question many of us are asking one another this week.

The wonderful, amazing, absolutely hilarious Greencastle Fiber Event is next weekend (April 11 & 12). I have had it on my calendar for months. It is an event not to miss if you are into "fiber" in the least bit. If you have any kind of fiber lust ... you'll have it on your calendar for months.

I have been plotting and planning what I am going to look for this year. There is usually so much to look at, feel and admire your mind goes a bit wacky. The main item I am hunting down is Shetland roving. I became addicted to it after I spun my "Shetland Spring" sweater. It is so soft and warm.

In the mean time I have been satisfying my fiber lust with some fiber from the shop. The Harrisville fiber is one of the more interesting wool blends to spin. It has a short staple and is filled with lots of "berries". The berries make spinning "lumpy bumpy" yarn automatic, you can't spin is smooth and even. It is best suited for an energized single ply. Because of the short staples I would not recommend this to a beginner. However, if you are an intermediate spinner and would like a little bit of an adventure, this fiber is fun.
I was surprised by the amount of lanolin that is still in the fiber. I didn't smell it but I felt it as I was spinning. My hands were really warm and soft after I had spun two skeins worth of fiber.
Also, there was a lot of dye run off when I washed the skeins of yarn. So don't put it in with any other yarn you have spun.
Happy Knitting & Spinning!


Heather L. said...

That pink is just beautiful!!! Almost looks like the shade of something you want to eat!

Mrs J said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I am in awe of your spinning! perhaps one day I can learn to spin!