Monday, April 14, 2008

Greencastle Purchases

As promised I thought I would post some pictures of the fiber I purchased. I didn't purchase much. Since I've now figured out the dying scene a lot of the dyed rovings I can make myself.

I did, however, find the Shetland roving I have been so eager to purchase. Ever since I made my first handspun Shetland sweater I have been dreaming of another. Shetland fiber is soooooo warm!

Luckily the first booth I stopped at was a "Shetland" booth. AND they had the dark, rich chocolate roving I love. The lady said she would make a deal, if I bought 2 lbs she would throw in a half-pound ball for free! I readily agreed.

I spun up one skein of it yesterday and was not disappointed. It is really quite nice and soft. The color seems to darken when it is spun and plied. I LOVE it.

This was a one-ball purchase from Westfield Woolies. It is a wool/mohair blend. The wool still has some lanolin in it, which made it soft and rich to work with. I spun it up into about 200 yds -- Navajo plied. The skein is hanging in the sun room to dry after it's initial washing otherwise I would post a picture.

My mom picked up this skein at the Westfield Woolies' booth and hinted it would make a nice scarf. I thought it would make a great scarf for her so I picked that up for a future Christmas present.

Last but not least is a purchase I didn't made myself, but one that my mom found at the Knitting Notions' booth and bought for me. It is a wonderful little tool for sock knitters. You slide your needles into the bottom and secure them with the cotton ties. Then you can take the pair of socks you are working on anywhere! It is great! I have used it during the weekend and found that I was no longer worrying about loosing stitches as I carried my sock around in my bag!

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Heather L. said...

Looks like you found some nice stuff!!!