Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring at Last

This morning, as I headed out on my early morning walk, I noticed... the bushes are sprouting their green leaves! Spring is here! It is no longer tempting us or teasing us. It has arrived.

I always look forward to the first few glimpses of green. I love that fresh green color -- it is unlike anything else. It starts low to the grown and gradually ebbs upward. For some reason I feel like I can finally breathe a sigh of relief -- spring is here. I guess after such a long and cold winter I kind of felt like spring just wasn't going to come this year.

This was also in the woods to greet me on my early morning walk. I just had to take a picture, it was so amazing. So, from one spinner to another -- "You did a good job, little spider."

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

How cute -- that little web! :)