Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cotton Comfort Disappointment

My Cotton Comfort Sweater is finally completed. I thought I was going to have some rave reviews about this yarn. I really enjoyed knitting with it and had fallen in love with its soft woolly feel.

But then I dunked the entire sweater in warm water and to my horror the water started turning brown. No, not dirt brown but the color of the yarn. I was heart broken. There was nothing I could do. If I didn't let whatever was in there rinse out it would eventually stain my shirt. But I was loosing the lovely nutty brown I had loved so much.

I talked to Green Mountain Spinnery about it. They said it wasn't dyed, that was the natural color of the yarn. I was flummoxed. What had happened?

So.... if you intend to buy Cotton Comfort in the future, beware. You will love working with it, but you might have a washed out sweater in the end.

Ugh... the trials of a knitter. Guess what, I should have washed a big swatch before I made my sweater. Please, learn from my mistake.


curlyredknitter said...

Beautiful and I love the texture and flair!!

Heather L. said...

Sorry about the washing out. The sweater came out reall nice though!

Verdant Farm said...

I appreciate your comment about the Cotton Comfort Yarn. I am using a natural white, but plan on using a blue, I will do a swatch to see what happens too!
Here are my farm logs in you have any interest in them.
Christine Flaugher

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