Friday, May 16, 2008

More Resting

My little sister graduated from IUPUI this past weekend. She had this week as a rest between school and her new job at Wishard. She had some thank you notes to write after all the graduation gifts she received. So....

I agreed to accompany her to the Eagle Creek Coffee Co. While she wrote away I sipped some coffee, knitted and read the summer issue of Interweave.

While I wasn't impressed with most of their patterns, I really enjoyed the articles. The article that marked the anniversary of Schoolhouse Press was interesting as well as inspiring. Who doesn't love E. Zimmermann?

I also loved Interweave's "Top 10 Picks For Summer" page. I think it is a new format but I really like it.

Color mixing 101 is an article not to miss. I am going to enjoy incorporating that into my yoked sweaters in the fall.

And last but not least I relished and savored the article on Ellen Brys, a designer in NYC. Oh, if only I could draw like her....

So, if you haven't picked up Interweave because you don't think you'll knit any of the sweaters, pick it up anyways; it is definately a good read.

After coffee my sister and I looked around Zionsville and then ended with an ice cream at the new ice cream parlor. Believe it or not, they make their own ice cream and it is quite good.

I think summer is trying to peak through the spring rains!

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Heather L. said...

Looks like fun! :)