Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stash or No Stash -- that is the question

After reading Gina's post on cleaning out her stash I was a bit envious -- I found myself wishing I had stash. Then I began to question myself, "Well, maybe I do have some stash." So I threw all my bits and pieces and odds and ends out on my knitting room floor and went to town. As it turned out -- I did have a bit of stash and it got a thorough cleaning.
I organized all the wee bits into baggies by color. I think I should start making granny squares with it.
I found a basket to hold all my lonely single skeins of handspun (above).
Also, I put all of the odd skeins I have been dying into a display basket (below).
Organized my spinning fiber (above)
And found some fiber I had dyed that I wasn't really excited about (below)

So I ran down, put it in the crock pot in the garage, splashed some dye to to the mix and left the whole thing for two hours.

Now, I am much happier with it. It looks like last summer's rose petals.

So, Gina, thanks for the inspiration to clean out my stash! I discovered I do have some! What fun!

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