Monday, June 9, 2008

Lunch at the TNNA

Across the street from the Convention Center is an amazing farmer's market. It has everything a gourmet could desire. I think I walked around three times before I could figure out what I wanted to eat for lunch, despite the fact that I was so hungry I was light headed.

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful confections

Beautiful friends at lunch

While we lunched we talked and talked about the amazing things we saw and all the goodies Molli is bring back for the shop!

Guess what was for dessert? Lovely scones! Molli, Lin, Holly & Kim had a wonderful time munching on these scones after lunch while JK enjoyed the carrot cake.

Yes, my dear husband JK came along as my driver and moral supporter. He is such a dear to put up and encourage my knitting endeavors. Here he is at lunch porting my free books and class materials back to the car so that I don't have to carry them around all afternoon.

So what did we do in the afternoon? Stay tuned....

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