Monday, June 9, 2008

Ordering for the Shop

After lunch, as we walked around with Molli and watched her ordering yarn for the shop, it struck me how much time and thought Molli puts into what you or I would like to knit with.
Here at the Koigu booth she was very careful to pick out a range of new colors.

And there was a lot to choose from.

Holly and Lin mesmerized by the colors of Koigu.

Molli also knows that knitters are eager to try new and exciting yarns. So, she sat down with a new exhibitor, "Scarlet Fleece" and ordered some beautiful handpainted yarns & rovings. Yes! Isn't it exciting? I think we have some sock yarn & roving coming from the Scarlet Fleece! We have a lot to look forward to!

After walking around all afternoon with Molli I have a new appreciation for all the thought and care that goes into the yarn that Molli has available for us in her shop. Thank you, Molli!

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