Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Cake Cowl

I finished my whimsical cowl on Saturday. It was so much fun to knit that I can't wait to cast on another.

Heather's name for the cowl stuck and I am calling it the, "Birthday Cake Cowl."

I made this cowl out of 1 ball of Diakeito Durfuran #205. It is sooooo soft and lovely to work with. The ball or the finished cowl is easy to mistake as a soft fluffy kitten when you reach down in your knitting bag.

If you have never knit with Diakeito Durfuran you have to do so at least once in your life time. It is quite the pleasure.

And yes, the pattern should be available at the shop this week. It is being sent to the printers today!

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Christina!
The cowl is beautiful. Here is a book I think you should check out for dyeing. I found it at the library yesterday and am sooo ready to dye something -- The yarn lover's guide to Hand Dyeing. It is really a beautiful book.

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Your cowl is lovely. Thanks for the visit! I was in town today and met up with my husband and he showed me your comment via his i phone. It was funny because I had just bought 3 balls of wool to knit a small blanket! I haven't knitted in years and couldn't follow a pattern to save my life but just wanted to knit something very simple.

I started knitting squares this evening and it was so relaxing... So there you go, you have been a good influence on me, even way over here in Ireland!

Glad you liked the saying. My husband gave me another one;
Blue and green should never be seen,
on an Irish colleen... (colleen is Irish for girl)

Niall has 5 older sisters and when they were younger they would never have worn blue and green together!

Also, on a more political note, the blue would have stood for the British (enemy of the Irish!) and the green for Ireland!

God bless.