Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dying to Knitting

I have been knitting this basic striped cardigan in my Design I class. It has been fun to make a striped sweater. You find yourself saying, "Oh, I'll just knit one more stripe. Okay, maybe two." Before you know it the sweater is zipping along.

I love the clean crisp lines of the stripes in a top-down sweater. It is so easy to knit a striped sweater when you are knitting from the top down. You never have to worry about the stripes not matching!

So I was zipping along on my cardigan when, "Opps." I ran out of wool. I had dyed my own yarn for this project so.... out came the crock pots and in went the wool.

Above is the pink/brown and below is the brown variegated I have been using.

Drying your yarn in trees is absolutely the best invention ever. The breeze dries the yarn quickly but the shade protects the skeins from sunburn or bleaching. It's wonderful!

Happy Knitting!


Miss 376 said...

The colours in the striped cardigan are lovely, really go well together

Heather L. said...

Beautiful! Do you suppose your neighbors think you've gone a bit loopy? :)