Friday, August 8, 2008

For the love of .... pure fiber

Wednesday morning I had barely entered Stitches & Scones when I was greeted by Lin. Her eyes were shining and she said, "Look what I have." She disappeared behind a doorway and came out with two big bags of clean, carded roving. I dropped my bags as she said, "It's clean, carded Shetland roving." I couldn't believe it.

Lin had found the most amazing treasure. It was beautiful, soft, Shetland roving. Often times the roving is course or over processed. But this roving was perfect (sure, the white had a little bit of gray in it as well as a little VM - vegetable matter - but that's a sheep's life).

We split it up, each taking home half of the white and half of the brown. That evening I spun a little skein just to see what it was like. Oh, my goodness. It is a dream to spin. You can spin is SOOO thin! It just runs through your hands like butter and zips onto the bobbin. I am so happy to have it.

I thought it was so cute that the bags of fiber still had the sheep's name on it. The white came from a little Shetland named "Heather." Isn't that sweet. I'll have to ask Lin what the name on her bag that she took home.
Just to reassure you that do use my handspun, here is another Swallowtail shawl that I finished last month with some beautiful brown fiber from the Greencastle Fiber Event.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Knitting!

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MacCárthaigh Family said...

It's a beautiful shawl. Who would have thought that a person could get such enjoyment from wool???!!!

I am still knitting away with my squares!

Talk soon.