Saturday, September 6, 2008


Esther's beautiful fleece is now spun into yarn for a sweater (for me, of course) =)

I now have 8 skeins of Esther's fleece and 8 skeins of a chocolate brown shetland fleece I got at Greencastle Fiber fair this year. I'm slowly putting up yarn for my winter knitting projects. It's so much fun to see baskets of yarn filling up my knitting room! Oh, sweet contentment!


MacCárthaigh Family said...

Hello again!

The photos are good as usual:)
I like the bag and also the baby socks you knitted for the women in your Church. Very nice.

I am still knitting away on my squares but I was a tiny bit pleased when a neighbour saw me doing it, liked the colour of the wool and asked me to knit her a scarf!

Anyway, she is a real 'fashion plate' and so it encouraged me... Hope she likes it!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

uncle will just stopping by to say ya