Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I have fallen in love with a new sock pattern. Nutkin - oh, I even love the name. Do you remember the stories of Squirrel Nutkin? For some reason everything about this pattern and the name of the pattern evokes fall.

It is a free pattern on the web -- don't you love those -- and is a mock-cable design. I love it because it is so exquisitely easy but looks hard! They are designed for top-down knitting (most socks are knitted this way) but I love toe-up socks. So, I just did my normal toe-up formula and threw in the mock-cable pattern from Nutkin.

Yarn - Flat Feet
Needles - #0 for toes & #1 for main part of sock. This is a little trick of mine for toe-up socks. Because I am looser knitting back and forth when I do my wrap and turns, I go down a needle size. When I knit in the round, I am tighter - thus I go to the suggested needle size!

Happy Knitting! Enjoy the pattern!

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Alaina said...

I'm slow to get thank-yous written but just wanted to quickly say that the socks are just adorable! They are sooo warm and cute! Thank you!