Thursday, November 27, 2008

Preparing the Feast

Well, I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year (big sigh of relief). Even so, there was a lot to prepare and bring.

Emily, Uncle Bill and I met up for a marathon shopping trip and then a marathon cook out in my kitchen on Wednesday.
Emily worked tirelessly away at a fancy Martha Stewart 'Ya-wonder-it-works' cake. You know the type. You spend $20 - $40 bucks on the ingredients, then you slave away on the various parts. If it turns out -- you feel great. If it flops -- you die because you spent so much on the ingredients.

Uncle Bill made two absolutely fabulous cranberry relishes. The first one was a fabulous creamy confection the lady on NPR always talks about (what's the name?). The second one was his own creation with cranberries, orange, ginger and a little bit of sugar. I tell you, they both are smashing!
I worked on Corn Bread Sausage Stuffing, a Honey Pecan Chocolate Tart and a Blue Cheese, Pecan & Bacon cheese spread that goes on Endives.

We were absolutely drained at the end. Uncle Bill sat down with a glass of port, Em made herself a rum & coke and I (due to my chronic headaches) went for a virgin cup of tea. Nothing like a good cuppa.


Heather L. said...

Great pics! Em looks a bit done in.

Em said...

That was a fun day! LOVED IT! :)