Friday, February 29, 2008

The Wooly Hugger

Sometimes you just really need some mindless knitting. While I was knitting my color-work sweaters I decided that I needed just that -- some simple, easy, mindless knitting.

So The Woolly Hugger was born. It is a simple, slightly fitted cropped cardigan to wear this spring when you don't need a full sweater. I made it out of "The Shearer's Yarn" that I had picked up in Vermont. It only took two large skeins. I was quite pleased.

The pattern will be coming out shortly!

In the meantime, Happy Knitting!

Foodie Weekend

This past weekend Emily and I took a short road trip to visit Christine G. during her spring break. Usually our visits include some kind of big cooking event (i.e. Christmas, Easter... etc.) Even though there was no big feast to celebrate we managed to cook up a storm and visit all the local "Foodie" places in Ann Arbor, MI.

Spring had definitely arrived at Whole Foods. The place was packed and buzzing with activity as well as stunning tulips.

The veg display was a work of art. We bought some triple cream French cheese & some golden raspberry preserves that was suggested by the cheese man at Whole Foods. It made a lovely appetizer.

This is only an 1/8th of the cheese display at Zimmerman's. Zimmerman's was so packed you could barely move or see the shelves. Christine said it is like that all the time. The food is just that good.

We bought some bread and bagels and then dashed out of the crush of people. If you ever have a chance to go there you MUST. It is an amazing experience.
Christine and Em taking a breather outside of Zimmerman's.

Lunch at Zola's Cafe -- a fabulous place, again, absolutely buzzing with activity. However, they really know how to handle crowds. We were seated quickly and our food came out shortly after we ordered. They are known for their wonderful crepes. Emily and Christine sampled the Spinach Cheese Crepe and the Strawberry Vanilla Crepe. They really enjoyed them. Also, Zola's has a wonderful selection of coffee and tea. Another MUST STOP.

There are more "Foodie" things to share but I thought I would save it for another post. But I must say -- I had a wonderful time! Christine is a thoughtful hostess and Em is a ton of fun to take a road trip with! Where are we going to go next time girls?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kauni Changes

I dislike the word "frogged". I don't know why. Perhaps it is becuase it doesn't really make sense to me. Techincally, the first version of my Kauni sweater is "frogged" but I would rather say, "I've given it the sack." Yep, I've sacked Kauni 1.

I fell prey to creating a sweater (granted with my own design) according to how everyone else is using the yarn. I didn't listen to the yarn itself to see what it wanted to do. Yes, yarn talks. Always listen to your yarn -- it saves you from many headaches.

I have been surprised by the lightness of Kauni yarn as well as it's fullness. What do I mean? Well, it blocks really well, yet isn't too heavy for lacy or too light for anything with a little structure to it.

Thus I have turned my Kauni into a lacey cardigan. I am quite pleased with it now. I love how the yarn blossoms and blocks when you steam it. Although I haven't fully drenched it yet. I have heard reports of it smelling quite "sheepy."

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shetland Spring

Pattern: "Shetland Spring" (my own design -- not for sale)
Yarn: Louet Shetland Roving (which I spun into 2 ply worsted) 1 1/2 lb
Knit 1 Crochet 2, Paint Box "Alpine", 4 Skeins.

Sleeve decreases

For some reason I seem to have the "cold curse." I am always frozen and chilled to the bone despite the vast numbers of layers I wear.

However, I wore this sweater on Thursday when the temperatures here in Indiana had really dropped and I was surprised by how warm I stayed. It is even warmer than my other color stranded sweaters.

I suppose handspun is warmer than comercial yarn? I don't know. But I am finding myself actually drooling for some more Shetland roving. I have tried to get in touch with one farm here in Indiana that raises Shetland sheep but so far they haven't returned any of my inquires. So the hunt continues...

Happy Knitting!

Bottom hem