Friday, January 23, 2009

Mini Mochi Striped Socks

I have a million other things I need to be knitting right now, but alas, I too got caught up in the "rage." And Lin "talked" me into it. (Come on Lin, you had better cast on a pair too!) =)

Striped Noro socks have been popping up on blogs in the last few weeks. They are outtakes on Jared Flood's striped Noro scarf.

We are conscientious knitters at Stitches & Scones and refuse to buy Noro because it is distributed by KFI -- a very, very disreputable distributor.

However, Crystal Palace saved the day with their new yarn, "Mini Mochi". It is beautiful and softer than Noro! We just got a big shipment of Mini Mochi at Stitches & Scones and all the colors are to die for.

The Details
I'm using a basic sock pattern
(I have mine memorized but you could used Ann Norling's basic Adult Sock Pattern)
I change colors every 4 rows
#1 DP
1 skein of Mini Mochi #105
1 skein of Mini Mochi #104

1 comment:

Holly said...

beeoooooootiful! OK, now I have to buy another color and do the stripe. Le sigh. I had (as yet) managed to resist the noro scarf, but this is too lovely!