Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Knitters Before Us

The history of knitting is fascinating to me, especially my own family history. The Scottish side of my family were knitters as evidenced by this delightful photo. This is my great Aunt Nel and a friend of hers knitting in Nel's home in Brooklyn, NY after Nel and her husband immigrated from Scotland.

This is a picture of my great-grandmother Christina knitting with her friends. Christina came from Dunblane, Scotland and immigrated to the US with her English husband.

I love this picture. Aren't they cute? They are so dressed up and yet they look like they are enjoying themselves, don't they?

I have these two photos hanging in my yarn studio to remind me where my knitting began. It keeps me focused on reality -- knitting is a delightful skill to use to make lovely things for others and to pass to people around us.

This is my great-grandma Christina's Red Cross Knitting Book. It has directions for US Army, Air Corps and Marine Corps sweaters, hats & vests as well as children's stockings, a child's sweater, a women's sweater, a 2-year-old children's knitted suit and a button-on-shoulder baby sweater. This is a great treasure of mine.

This pattern for the British War Relief, Children's Stockings was typed out and sent to great-grandma Christina by her sister in Dunblane during WWII. I think it is so sweet that Christina was so concerned for her native country during WWII that she wanted to send over children's stockings to the war relief.

So, my fellow knitters, we are all part of a long history of knitting. Isn't it wonderful? Keep knitting and keep passing it on!

Happy Knitting!


Heather L. said...

Wonderful post! loved the pictures and of course I love the history too.

Lolly said...

This is so wonderful! I love that you have such documentation of your knitting history. Neither of my grandmothers knit, although both did other needlework. I am fairly sure that somewhere back in the family tree there were some knitters - I like to think that I am reviving it!

Take good care of those photos and patterns! and thanks for sharing!

Amy K said...

That's so great that your ancestors also enjoyed your passion. That makes it even more meaningful!

Morgan said...

How nice. I have my grandmother's British War Relief knitting bag and have been trying to find out what supplies it originally came with, if any. I also have been trying to find the patterns, especially for the lovely socks she used to knit for me. Does anyone have any information about these knitting bags?