Thursday, April 23, 2009


Have you been enjoying spring? I just relish the delicate flowers of spring time and the delightful shade of green that is like no other green.

Drink it up for it only comes once a year! Grab your needles and if possible go knit outside. It's just too glorious to miss!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Temptation Cowl Vest

I just finished off another design for Alpaca With A Twist. It always feels good to get a pattern finalized and the sample sweater mailed off. Usually I have a few designs pop into my head while I'm working on one design. It spurs me on to finish so that I can quickly design the next thing that popped into my mind. Yep, I know, I'm crazy.

It was fun to design with Alpaca With A Twist's newest yarn, Temptation. Made from baby alpaca and silk nubs it has a luxurious feel to it. It almost has the look of raw silk. I LOVE it.

I designed the vest to be worn with the collar down ....

.... or up, depending on your mood or the weather that day. It is a loose fitting vest without buttons -- I loved the drape of the yarn and did not want to constrain it in any way. But you could close it with a zipper, shawl pin or whatever your heart desires.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


JK and I spent a quiet Easter Sunday with his family. I managed to squeeze into a prepregancy dress and jacket, although the jacket did not button! =)

Bethany took the time to travel home from her college (which is out of state). She is getting married in the fall so it was her last Easter as a Wall.

The table was quite sumptuous with roasted lamb & roasted ham, veggies, scalloped potatoes, hot cross buns, two types of wine & little nests of jelly beans.

Looks like I'm laughing a little too hard during the kitchen clean up. Hmmm.... go figure that one. Especially since I just sipped on water during dinner. I must have been tired.

Dad Wall used a blow torch to finished off the glaze on Bethany's delicious creme brulee. They were very good!

Busy Work

I'm still here even though I haven't posted in ages. Life got really busy around the beginning of April. And this past week I got my 5th cold of this pregnancy. So far I catch a cold every month. Not fun.

So that's my excuse and here are some pictures of what I've been up to. I'm determined to have a garden this year. JK and my mom have been helping me. Together we dug the nasty clay out of the spot we designated for the garden. I tracked down some top soil and we're going to have that delivered this Saturday.

It was hard work. We all took turns digging and dumping. But I think it will be worth it all. My mother in law gently reminded me that the garden is going to need to be harvested right around the arrival of the baby. I really had not thought about that. Ha! We'll have to see how it goes. I can always send JK out to pick in the evenings!