Tuesday, April 21, 2009


JK and I spent a quiet Easter Sunday with his family. I managed to squeeze into a prepregancy dress and jacket, although the jacket did not button! =)

Bethany took the time to travel home from her college (which is out of state). She is getting married in the fall so it was her last Easter as a Wall.

The table was quite sumptuous with roasted lamb & roasted ham, veggies, scalloped potatoes, hot cross buns, two types of wine & little nests of jelly beans.

Looks like I'm laughing a little too hard during the kitchen clean up. Hmmm.... go figure that one. Especially since I just sipped on water during dinner. I must have been tired.

Dad Wall used a blow torch to finished off the glaze on Bethany's delicious creme brulee. They were very good!


Mary said...

You know what's funny, for Easter I tried to squeeze into that same style dress that I have in coral. It worked alot better for you then it did for me. I opted for a coral top and short black skirt instead. I should've thrown on a jacket with it, you really pulled it off beautifully.

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Chrissy. You look wonderful!! Hello little baby bump....we can't wait to see who you are!! Love, Aunt Karen

Ruth MacC said...

I am wnjoying all this catching up! I like the way you and your sister take photos of the dining table before and during a special meal. It gets me thinking...!

I should make more of an effort.