Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back from Boulder, CO

Here I am, back in Indiana, sipping iced coffee (decaf of course - for Baby John's sake) and sweating buckets. I can barely believe this picture was taken on Sunday. Oh, the wonders of travel.

JK and I had a nice time in Boulder, CO. I had never been that far west (I'm from the east coast originally). I was fascinated by the arid/desert-like climate coupled with the snowy mountains. What a contrast.

Yes, I did hike and I did very well (although I say so myself) for being 6 months pregnant. It took me a day to get used to the altitude and I hiked a bit slower than JK and his friend, David. But I enjoyed it!

I did get a 10 minute visit to a yarn shop -- I'll post about that tomorrow....

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Elisabeth said...

OOOOH that looks like so much fun! I lived in Boulder 4 years and miss the desert-y, arid climate. Can't wait to hear about the yarn store. I don't think it existed when I was there.