Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden II

We finally got the dirt delivered for our garden. Look at that nice crumbly soil -- no sticky clay in that mound!
Into my garden it went, along with....
Peat and composted "organic" cow manure. I didn't get the "organic" bit. Isn't cow manure, by its very nature "organic"?
Finally my garden patch looked like this. I'm pleased to say that a week ago today my mom and I planted my garden and Saturday I saw little radish shoots popping up! I was amazed!

After working so hard schlepping dirt, JK and I took showers and headed off to Starbucks for a late afternoon cup of coffee, a good read and some knitting. Ahh.... the joys of relaxation!

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Miss-Knit said...

I think 'Organic Manure' refers to the actual cow's diet, as a cow that is fed based on a 'fast-grow' diet is not eating organic feed -- and this ultimately affect the end product, being the manure. It is the same idea as organic or non-organic beef.