Monday, May 18, 2009


Bethany & Rusty

The end of May always seems to be a whirl of graduations and open houses. This May is no exception.

Bethany (JK's sister and the youngest of the Wall siblings) graduated Summa Cum Laude from Geneva College this past Saturday.

JK & I, Andrew & Alecia, Mom & Dad Wall and Bethany's fiance's family all traveled out to PA to celebrate her graduation.

All the Wall girls wore hats to the graduation. I loved Mom Wall's hat, which she decorated herself.
Yep, I'm the tallest Wall girl (and the only Wall girl with brown hair)! =(

The boys looked just as grand all dressed up.

Bethany looked so grown up in her cap & gown and all her ribbons.

After graduation, changing and checking out of our hotel, we drove to a lovely restaurant where we all celebrated Bethany's big day by eating these enormous hamburgers. This was a Pittsburger with french fries & coleslaw slapped on top. It's fun to see what different regions do with their food. We all were so hungry most of us had a clean plate at the end of the meal. Can you believe it?

Did I get any knitting done? Oh, yes! My hands were busy the seven hours out and almost all of the seven hours back home. I'm working on a new pattern I think you all are going to love. AND the best part of this pattern is..... it will be a free PDF download for the first few months!


Megan said...

Did ya eat Primandi Brothers? That food is hysterical -- whenever I've had it, I have to eat it in sections. My mouth isn't big enough to fit around it. :)

And in answer to your question on my blog, I most definitely remember you teaching me to knit during Tale of Two Cities. And I remember how I kept adding stitches somehow -- my piece was getting wider, and wider, and wider as time went on! So fun.

Brownie Knits said...

So excited for Bethany--for graduation and that she is going to intern for Patrick!

Ruth MacC said...

Nice photos, everybody looks well:0)