Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

This was my first mother's day as a mom. Yes, I don't have all the responsibilities of motherhood yet. My only duties are making sure I get enough rest, water & food -- or not too much food. But I cherished the day nonetheless.

My mother made all the flower arrangements for me, including the center piece for the main table. Don't you just love it?

We sat out in our sun room which was adorned with my mom's mother's day gifts to me -- the beautiful hanging baskets of pink geraniums!

JK cooked yummy kebabs on the grill, Heather brought a lovely green salad, my mother in law brought a delicious fruit salad, Emily some delightful wine, my mom brought fragrant rolls and no one left the table hungry.

Baby John's smiling cousins enjoyed sitting on the deck while they ate their lunch.

Between dinner and dessert (huge strawberry shortcakes) we opened our gifts to one another. I received Baby John's first bib and onesies!
I loved having everyone around for the day.

Here are the two grandmas and mothers -- my mom on the right and my mother in law on the left. They are two wonderful mothers!

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Ruth MacC said...

The whole thing looks so nice. The flowers are beautiful and you look like you are blooming too:0)

I am delighted it's a boy. I have just one child, a boy too and I loved being preganat! Enjoy every moment of it!