Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cherry Picking

Cherries are in season! Monday morning Heather called me up and said they were going cherry picking. Well, of course I wanted in on the fun. So off we went.

Upon arriving at the cherry trees the three oldest swarmed the only ladder available.

Poor little David was left on the ground wondering how he was going to get any cherries.

He contented himself by "driving" the tractor nearby. You can barely see him over the steering wheel.

What a happy boy!

We didn't pick a ton of cherries -- the trees had been well picked already. However, we got enough for a pie or maybe some preserves.

This afternoon I'm headed over to Heather's to made strawberry freezer jam and decide the fate of the cherries we picked.

Don't worry, I'm knitting. However the project I'm trying to work on right now is a secret project only to be unveiled this fall....

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