Monday, June 29, 2009

Knitting In Public

This past Saturday I met my younger sister, Emily, for coffee and knitting at a local coffee shop. I was excited, it was finally an opportunity to sit down, relax, knit and chat.

So, there I am, knitting away and there is Em, knitting away, all was peachy. Except every time a cute guy came into the coffee shop Em's knitting dashed under the table to hide. It was hilarious!

"Em, what's up with the knitting?" I asked her. "I'm embarrassed to knit in public." OH MY! I nearly died laughing. I have never given it much thought. Of course I'm going to knit in public. Who cares what people think. If I have a chance to sit down, I'm going to knit - I've got a lot to knit.

Em ended up joining me in my laughter. I think she too saw how silly it is to be embarrassed about knitting in public. But, no matter, I love her anyway.

Do any of you have issues with knitting in public?


knitalittle said...

I have 5 kids any chance I get to knit I knit public or not.

twilight fansite said...

I also dont feel embarrassed knitting in public.