Thursday, June 11, 2009

Off To The TNNA

Well, I'm off to the TNNA tomorrow. I'm almost packed and ready to go. The last thing I needed to do was -- figure out which knitting projects I'm going to take with me. I narrowed it down to two, Baby John's gray cable vest & a new design project.

What's on the agenda at the TNNA?
8 AM I'm taking a dying class. We're going to focus on dying sock yarn, which should be a ton of fun.
10 AM -- hurry back to the hotel to change out of dying clothes
10:15 AM -- hit "The Market" -- the gigantic room filled with so many yarn companies, vendors, designers, indie dyers and knitters you instantly overwhelmed. Molli has given us a list of things to look for and buy. So, don't worry, we'll find some goodies to bring back to the shop.
12:15 PM -- Clara Parkes of "The Knitter's Book Of Wool" fame is signing aforementioned book. I have to dash over and meet her. I'm so excited about the book. I think it's now available for preorder.
1:oo PM -- Susan B. Anderson is signing her book "Itty-Bitty Hats" -- love her blog. She's a wonderful knitter
And that's just a taste of the day. I'm really hoping to meet or at least "see" Ysolda!

Bobby know something is up. He's been sitting by my bags just hoping all of the packing doesn't mean I'm going away. Poor doggie, he'll survive.

I shall return, my friends! Meanwhile, Happy Knitting!

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Heather L. said...

HAVE FUN!!!! And Kristin Nicholas is going to be there too -- so you'll have to meet her and say hello as well. can't wait to hear how it goes!!!