Monday, June 15, 2009

TNNA - Friday

Despite two potty stops for the pregnant lady (me), Lin, Bonnie & I arrived in Columbus, OH. We were excited to say the least. The TNNA is always a time of inspiration for me. Although, it always, always, always goes by too fast. You really need to stay through Monday to see everything... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We checked into our hotel, the lovely Hyatt, and changed from our travel clothes into something more suitable for a fashion show.

After browsing the "What's New" section we headed over to the fashion show. The fashion show was hysterical, complete with runway, lights and techno music! We found good seats -- approximately 4 rows from the front. We sat right behind Barry Klein & his mom Maria Klein (Barry Klein owns Trendsetter Yarns). Barry had two pieces in the fashion show.

Unfortunately I soon found out that it was REALLY difficult to take pictures of the models -- they were in constant motion. I laughed to myself several times as I watched them - depending on the fiber they were wearing, clouds of fluff would fly from their sweater and trail behind them in the air as they pranced down the runway.
Out of 103 pieces I saw three garments that made me think, "Wow!"
The Lagune Cardigan by Hanne Falkenberg
The Gothic Snowfall Sweater - by Robin Melanson (Couldn't find a link)

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