Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Beach Street Knitting Society

I'm off for a bit of a read right now. I've been ordered to put my feet up for the rest of the afternoon and chill out. I had pretty intense contractions for 6 hours last night -- contractions that were for the most part 5 to 1 minute apart. I'm not supposed to be having those right now.

Two things I've decided since experiencing "contractions." 1 - it will be a lot better when I'm 39 - 20 weeks. Contractions when you are in your 32nd week are VERY stressful. 2 - the breathing bit that they teach you in childbirth class is a bunch of bunk. Sorry to be so strong about it. But I'm convinced it does nothing but exhaust you. Perhaps I'm not breathing correctly. I'll have to check with someone on that. Perhaps they have a "breathing" video somewhere online.

But, back to the book above. I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book, hoping against hope that it is really good. I'm on page 35 and I'm not so sure. I can't get into the story line. Has anyone else read it?


KnitChaos said...

I read it a couple months ago. The story was hard to get into, easy to put down, and not as entertaining as other Knitting novels I've read.

It's not a bad read, just not one of the best. Something that you pick up and read a bit at a time as opposed to your main reading selection. The premise of the book is good, it's just not that riveting.

YMMV, but I doubt it if you are already feeling kinda flagged over it.

Christina said...

KnitChaos -- yes, you expressed it perfectly. The premise of the book is good but the story isn't riveting. It's almost as if knitting is an "opps, gotta fit that in somehow" type of storyline. Oh... for a good book.