Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting Ready...

I've got 7 weeks left until Baby John arrives! I can't believe it. Time has flown. Definitely the second trimester was a "babymoon" of sorts. Now I'm back to feeling foggy in the afternoon and totally drained around dinner time. But, I suppose that's normal. I'm getting eager to get this hot, squirmy basketball off my tummy -- I suppose that's normal too.

Little things have been arriving for Baby John. I just had to show you this adorable soaker from, I think, NancyL. Thank you so much Nancy! It's sooooo cute! I'm dying to know what pattern you used. Or did you make up your own? Do let us all know because it's just so cute.

Have a great Saturday. It looks like our Saturday will be a stormy one. But that means I don't have to water the garden! Hooray!

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kokomo nancy said...

Hi Christina,
Yes, I'm guilty. The pattern is in the nov/dec '08 issue of Piecework magazine. I think it'll be a little big at first..but he should grow into it. here's my link on ravelry (
love to you both!!