Monday, July 27, 2009

Knitting Spaces

On Friday I posted about knitting outside -- well, here is my knitting space inside. JK and I had to combine offices and use my old office as Baby John's room.

It is working out well. JK and I have a blast together when we are both working from home. I have a little window ledge I can lay out some of my knitting to muse on while I work.

I cleaned up my "idea board" and I know actually have room for my "ideas."

And, of course, I always have new skeins of yarn just waiting to be touched and molded into something new. I think it's inspiring to have yarn around - don't you?

I would show you what is on my dress form but that's a surprise that will come out in September! And yes, it is a free pattern! Don't we all love free things?

Happy Knitting!

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